Sleep as Many as 46 People! Perfect For Family Reunions & Group Getaways!!
Bring as Many as 46 People!

Kitchens & Common Areas

...absolutely like nothing else anywhere on the planet!

Half-Time Snacks In The Quarter BACK Arcade Kitchen (2 of 4 Kitchens)

Off the “sports bar” Quarter BACK arcade, this smaller kitchen is excellent for serving up snacks & small meals.

Additional Space In The Nutrition & Fitness Kitchen (3 of 4 Kitchens)

Right near the Boxing and A.I. Gym Rooms, this bonus kitchen is fully-equipped and ready to serve up your healthiest (or unhealthiest!) meals!!

Waterside Meals From The Olympic Pool Kitchen (4 of 4 Kitchens)

Located just in the pool enclosure, this full-kitchen is completely under roof and has everything you need to serve anything from burgers to elegant feasts the by pool! Click the photos for a broader view but please note that in addition to the mini/beverage fridge, there is also a full-size refrigerator not shown (behind the wall).

The Safari Dining Room! (For Additional Indoor Seating)

  • The "Safari" Dining Room Features Elegant Furniture & Additional Seating

Watch A Short Video About The Estate:
Watch A Short Video
About The Estate:

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